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Dear Parents, godparents and friends, you have asked to have your child baptised. By water and the Holy Spirit your child will receive the gift of new life from God who is love. It will be your constant care to bring your child up in the practice of the faith. Baptism is parents' day too, since you publicly promise to hand on the faith to your child.

We are delighted with the opportunity this provides to meet with the families concerned and we work hard to ensure that the ceremony itself will be both relaxed and memorable for all.

We welcome your child on behalf of all in the Christian family.  May all children come to know that they are sons and daughters of God and members of the Church.  May they be faithful followers of Jesus and true witnesses to the Gospel.

Baptisms usually take place a number of times every month. Please ring the parish office to check availability of dates.The family are advised to arrive 15 minutes before the Baptism. Please bring a Baptismal Candle and a white robe for the ceremony.


Baptismal Font at Holy Trinity Church


Click here to download the form.

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