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“When we are sick we feel alone, weak and frightened. Things which seemed important don’t matter anymore. But as Christians we know that we are never alone. In fact we are never so close to Jesus as when we are weak or unwell.”

The anointing of the sick is the ultimate healing sacrament, available whenever our health is seriously impaired by sickness or old age. God is always with us in our illness

–Your faith, Redemptorist publications

The sacrament is available on request. On one of the Sundays during the month of May we remember in particular way those who are sick in our parish. At that Mass the old and those whose health is impaired by sickness are anointed, and the whole parish community pray for them.

Anointing of the Sick


First Friday Calls

On the First Friday of every Month the priests of the parish bring Communion to those who because they are elderly or infirm, are unable to attend Sunday Mass. If you know of someone, please contact the parish office.

Hospital Visitation

If you have a family member or know of some one who is in hospital and they would appreciate a visit by a priest of the parish please contact the parish office.

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