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Each year the Bishop of Meath visits the parish for Confirmation. This is a very special day in the faith lives of the young people to be confirmed and also for their family, friends and parish community who join them on that day.

Confirmation celebrates the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. Our Confirmation is, in fact, a continuance of what has begun at our baptism; a continuance of the developing awareness and reality of faith and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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There is an ancient tradition in the Church of speaking about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The custom can be traced back to Isaiah 11: 1-3 and it sets down the following gifts:


The gift of knowing the truth; knowing the Father and Jesus the Saviour whom he sent among us


The power to see all things as God sees them


The gift of understanding God’s revelation.


Helps us to see what we should do in a difficult situation


The power to carry through joyfully what we know to be right


Leads us to feel for God the love that a child feels for a loving parent and enables us to see all others as our brothers and sisters

Fear of the Lord

Enables us to be willing to respond to the impulses of the Holy Spirit and gives us a fear of being separated from God



Preparation for Confirmation

The home should be the first church which children should know, and in which they are reminded of God and helped to pray by what they see around them. Religion begins at home. Parents are the first religion teachers and the most important of all teachers of religion.

Our Parish Confirmation Preparation Programme is a set of three Sunday Masses, in which the young people preparing for Confirmation are involved in a special way. These special Masses support the work being done in the schools by our dedicated teachers and complement the school religion programme.

Our parish preparation seeks to provide an opportunity to establish links between home, school and parish in the young peoples preparation for Confirmation. It provides practical opportunities for the parish community to share faith with and support those preparing to receive this sacrament. It provides the young people with the experience of the involvement and interest of the local Church as they are completing their initiation into the Church community.

The young people design a special Altar cloth which will be used at their preparation Masses, their Confirmation Ceremony. The young people will also involved in the Gospel procession and the dressing of the Altar.

First Sunday

On the First Sunday the young people are enrolled for Confirmation and make commitments to help them prepare for the reception of the sacrament.

Second Sunday

The Holy Spirit is often compared to fire, the fire of God's Spirit burns within us since our baptism. On this Sunday we pray that in Confirmation that this fire will burn more brightly in these boys and girls, as St Paul reminds us to fan into a flame the gift that God has given us. At this ceremony we invite parents to pass on the Baptismal candle to their son or daughter. This is a symbolic passing of the light, passing on the flame of faith and in doing so we are asking them to continue to work in keeping the light of faith burning in their lives.

Third Sunday

At the Masses on this Sunday some of the young people will speak to the congregation on the Confirmation name they have chosen, why they have done so, and speak a little about the saint. After the homily the young people are called forward and olive oil is poured on the crown of their heads reminding them of the Holy Chrism that they were anointed with at their Baptism.

The Lord has called you by name, go forth and do good works

At the end of Mass scrolls containing the Profession of Faith are distributed to the young people.

Adults who have been baptised into the Catholic faith but have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and wish to receive it, please contact the parish office.

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